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Graham McMorrow wasn't expected to live. He wasn't expected to talk. He probably wasn't going to be able to walk. And yet against all odds, he can do all of those things. He serves as an inspiration to many as he gives his all every day on the football field, in the classroom, and in every aspect of life.

Isaac's Dream

Isaac's Dream is working to build a school in the Ahiavokope Village in Ghana. Education is a powerful tool in the fight against slavery in Ghana, and schools in remote villages make a huge difference in the lives of children there.

The Skillmans - Road To Adoption

Some of my closest friends, Miles and Katelyn Skillman, have had a hard road with their desire to build and grow their family. They've experienced joy and excitement, pain and heart ache, and have decided to walk the road of adoption.

Jared & Abby

Jared & Abby Haferbier got married on December 16, 2016. Turns out, the weather forecast that day was for cold temperatures and heavy snow. It made for a memorable wedding day and a unique wedding story to tell in this video. 

The Sanctity of Life

The Liberty Women's Clinic works to provide free and confidential pregnancy services to Liberty, MO and urban Kansas City and to empower women to choose life.


Alaska feels like it is another country. It felt so foreign my phone didn't even have service there. We spent a week exploring Alaska and I was blown away by how beautiful it was.

Blake & Marie

Blake & Marie Curdy really love each other, and they really love Jesus. They were one of the happiest couples I've ever gotten to work with and their wedding day was focused on Christ and the joy that comes when a marriage is formed around Him.


I took a trip to Ghana to document a school building project with an organization called Isaac's Dream. They are building a school in a village in central Ghana to help educate some under-served village and combat slavery by being an advocate for education in a society that often neglects it.


It's hard to describe how beautiful Switzerland is. Their flowers, their lakes, their mountains, everything is just incredible. 

Haiti is Beautiful

I went down to Haiti as a photographer and videographer. I spent the following weeks trying to figure out how to package what I captured there into something that gives meaningful insight into Haiti and what God is doing there. I captured stories and interviews with pastors and took hundreds of pictures, and I keep coming back to one simple truth:

Haiti is beautiful, and I want other people to see it's beauty.