The First Creek Farm

An event space in Kansas City, Missouri



One of the signature pieces of the exterior decor of the space is a beautiful old-fashioned windmill. I spent some time looking at old signs that used to hang on these windmills and based the type off of the old hand-written style that was so prevalent on these signs. 

The shape is pulled directly from one of the signs hanging on the windmills at The First Creek Farm. The goal was to create a logo that matched the barn: a modern look that felt a little bit older. The barn is a brand new construction, so it has to feel new and cool. But, it has to maintain the history that barns represent. 


The branding for the space needed an additional image mark for use in different places, so I created an abstraction of the windmill for use in smaller applications where the full logo wouldn't fit or make sense.




I took some photos to try and really sell the beauty of the land and how great the barn looks for additional promotional material.