The Bible Initiative

A year long project for Liberty Christian Fellowship.


The Bible Initiative is Liberty Christian Fellowship's goal for 2017. As a church, they want to create an environment that encourages reading scripture the whole year. In order to help facilitate that goal, they are putting the effort and momentum of the whole church behind the initiative, and as a result, I created a number of resources.



The main resource for the congregation is the Bible Initiative booklet. We will create four of these per year, one for each section of scripture we will be studying. For each week, the pastors at LCF wrote an introduction paragraph on the context of the reading, family and small group resources, and a visual piece that helps illustrate a portion of scripture.




We also created a digital version of the content that is updated weekly. This allows the congregation to access the content easily from their phone and allows people to participate even if they don't have a Bible Initiative Booklet.


To make sure the whole Initiative feels cohesive, we design the teaching slides each Sunday to reinforce the Bible Initiative style.