North Heartland Community Church Mailers



North Heartland Community Church is an outreach focused non-denominational church in Kansas City. I've been serving as their graphic designer for years, and in that time have worked on a lot for them. We've rebranded the church, sent out mailers to thousands of people, created capital campaigns, and everything in between. I think their vision and the way they serve Kansas City is great and I love getting to serve them.


One of the primary forms of communication North Heartland utilizes is mass mailing. For every new series, they send out a mailer to 10,000 homes in the Kansas City area. Part of the vision of the church is to be very outreach focused, and so these mailers are a key component of enacting that plan. It's a fun challenge to take on to figure out how to make these mailers engaging so that when they come to people's homes, they won't just be ignored or end up in the trash.