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I've had some cool opportunities to get to give back to the high school I graduated from recently. I never played football in high school (I played 8th grade football, but I was never aggressive enough and couldn't block or hit anyone, so I quit) but I had a pretty good relationship with the football coach, Chad Frigon. Last football season, Coach Frigon asked me and a friend of mine to document a game for them. He wanted a video to really show off what game day looked like for the football program and a view of the game from the sidelines. So, we showed up with a camera and documented the game. It ended up being an incredible game that included a blackout on the student section's blackout theme night and was decided on the very last play of the game. From that game, I created this video:

It was a lot of fun to film, edit and put out there for fans, athletes, and parents to see. Most of all, it was great to give back to a school and community that I really hold dear.


About a month ago, Coach Frigon reached out to me again and asked me to take the footage I had from last year and create another video, this time getting fans excited for the upcoming season. Specifically, he showed me a football website ( that he and a lot of other coaches look at daily, and told me that he wanted to make a video that would get featured on this website. So, I created another video:

Again, it was fun purely to see people get excited about the program and get pumped for the season. About a week after the video had been released and circulated a little bit, I got a text from Coach Frigon that the video was featured on Football Scoop! We accomplished the specific goal that we set out to accomplish, and that was really cool. 


Situations like this are funny for me, because although my chosen career path and primary skill is with graphic design, the videos I've created have gotten far more attention than any design I've done. One thing that I really value about the medium of video is the ability to tell a contained story. Design and art can tell a story, but it takes on a completely different form. People just relate to stories told through video. They are able to see people that kind of look like them, doing or saying things that inspire them, or challenge them, or make them laugh. Creating something that people respond to in this way is my favorite creative challenge. So, when I get opportunities to make videos for causes and communities and people that are really meaningful for me, I will always jump at the chance.

Not every video gets the kind of notoriety that this one has or experiences the reach, but if at least someone responds in a positive way to the videos I create, then I consider videos worth creating.


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