Swinney Recreation Center Logo

Last semester, our final project was to rebrand the Rec Center at UMKC: Swinney Recreation Center. We were tasked with creating a new logo, posters for the individual intramural sports and a brochure detailing the services the rec center offers. The nice thing about this project as opposed to most class projects is that it actually has potential to be used. The class treated the rec center as a client and all the members of my class competed for it.*

*I don't know why every single school ever doesn't do this for all of their design work. The way the school system works, I PAID THEM for the right to design their logo. If none of the projects turn out, then they literally didn't lose a dime. 

I turned in my stuff and felt like I got a good response from the rec center people. Then much to my surprise this summer:


I haven't really posted anything about it because honestly I forgot that anything really happened. But, it was a pretty cool honor at the time. I got to create something that will change the look of my university and put a little mark of my work behind as I leave. 

Now I just need to get out of school, get hired by UMKC, and then they can pay me back for my work.

If you want to see any more of my class projects from UMKC/more from this Swinney Rec Project:


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