Old and New Project

I love any sort of combination of Spiritual things and design. The best combination I have ever seen is a project called The Old and New Project. This project brings designers from different fields and faiths together to interpret Biblical Passages through art and design. Every round of artists brings something new. The project is so exciting because every piece of work looks totally different than the one before. The artists brought in are truly all different from one another and imagine these passages in interesting ways. Most of the artists are not Christians, so from a spiritual perspective it is an interesting task from the Christian creators; one that forces these artists to encounter Biblical truth and produce their art from it. The website is currently on it's third round of designs. The first two had the themes of "Overview" and "Miracles". Previously, they only posted artwork M-W-F, but for this round's theme of "Turning Points" they have upped the number to a new piece every day Monday through Friday. I posted some of my favorite designs below. Check it out!

Balaam's Donkey, Jim LePage

Tongues of Fire,  Brian Danaher

Tongues of Fire, Brian Danaher

Moses and the Burning Bush,  Chaz Russo

Moses and the Burning Bush, Chaz Russo