It's never been easy to figure out what defined me.

I've never been an artist. I didn't love to draw as a kid. I wasn't even someone your 4th grade teacher would write "Creative" on a report card about. I grew up the analytical and logical child my parents figured would find a career in math, science, or business.

However, my life has consistently pushed me in the exact opposite direction. Somehow in high school, I fell in love with design and decided to pursue it as a career. And then in college, I fell in love with video, and decided to pursue it as a career. The one constant amidst my inability to decide specifically what I wanted to do was that I loved it when I had the opportunity to do work with causes I truly believed in. I came alive when my passions aligned with my desire to serve people who were working for redemptive purposes. 

I got married to my high school sweetheart, graduated college, and got a job in the span of a month. I threw myself into the adult, working world because that was what I assumed I was supposed to do. But deep within me, I wanted to do something more.

More and more, I couldn't help but see non-profits and married couples and churches and mission organizations and say to myself, "I wish I could just take what I'm good at and help facilitate all the good those people are doing." I wanted to travel and use video to document what God is doing throughout the world. I wanted to make great wedding videos for married couples. I wanted to design church logos that weren't terrible.  I wanted to make a living out of the causes that I loved to work with. 

So, I took the leap and quit my job, dedicating my life to serving redemptive causes. If you've got something YOU are passionate about, I want to find some way to take the skills that I have and serve you.

Let's talk.

When I'm not working, I'm probably traveling with my wife, watching the World Champion Royals or KU Basketball, playing drums, or reading a book (probably CS Lewis or some silly YA novel about a dystopian world).