It's never been easy to figure out what defined me.


I've never been an artist. I didn't love to draw as a kid. I wasn't even someone your 4th grade teacher would write "Creative" on a report card about. I grew up the analytical and logical child my parents figured would find a career in math, science, or business.

As I grew up and went into high school, I joined the high school newspaper thinking I was going to become a journalist but accidentally fell in love with design. It was the perfect combination of my analytical brain that loved to figure out how to communicate things and a growing desire to make those things look really great. I decided that whatever I did for my job, it was going to be creative.

One of my close friends was really into doing videography and I would tag along as he worked. I had no idea what I was doing and I really probably wasn’t much help, but I came to appreciate what he did and slowly learned how to do it with him. Eventually he sold me his Canon T2i and I started making videos that to me were awesome but I’m sure were actually terrible to everyone else (and probably really out of focus).

Over time, I found that telling a compelling narrative was one of my biggest passions. Photography and Videography were the truest expression of that desire for me. With an image, I found that I could tell a story. A story of joy, of heartbreak, of redemption, of creation. I could use my camera to help people encounter my Creator in as many different ways possible.

In recent years, the story I’ve become most passionate about telling is the story of how God created the world, how He filled it with beautiful things, and how each of those beautiful things points back to Him. That could be a mountain, or maybe even a marriage. Either way, I want to be in the midst of His creation, pointing my camera at things, telling stories. Maybe I could even tell yours.